The Discover D’Iberville app makes loyalty accessible to all customers and readily available at local D’Iberville businesses.

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    Promote Products & Services

Coupons & Featured Services

What better way to engage loyal and new customers than by treating them to a coupon! Our coupon system is fully integrated and is specifically tailored to represent your brand. Our system is user friendly and hassle free; making sure that you are always focused on the most important part of your business – the clients/customers!

Digital Loyalty

The Discover D’Iberville app’s digital loyalty system helps to foster loyal customers. Each loyalty card is created to enhance the customer’s experience, with your business. Each time a customer visits the store and makes a purchase, they will earn points or punches that will turn into valuable rewards! Customers love interacting with the system and receiving validations in real time. Reward them before they ever leave the counter, to provide a positive and memorable experience!

Push Notification

With a push of a button, businesses can send outbound push notifications to customers that have marked them as a favorite! Why is this important? You can send unlimited messages out to loyal clients to notify them of upcoming specials and events. Along with text, customers will receive custom designed coupons, features, videos and rewards, that will keep them coming back for more! Take advantage of this simple, strategic way to reward those that have taken the time to indicate they enjoy your products and services!

Powerful Analytics

The Discover D’iberville app provides powerful Analytics that will help you track and monitor every aspect of your campaign! With real time monitoring and ongoing feedback, you’ll have the tools on hand to run ongoing, successful campaigns that will keep both you and your clients satisfied!

Social Media & Mobile Pay

Social media has become a staple for the success of local businesses. It has also proven to be a vital tool to engage customers and future clients. We are proud to provide formatted promotional materials that easily integrate into your ongoing social media campaigns. Additional customized materials are available, beyond the included features of our premium package. We are passionate about local businesses in D’Iberville. Reach out to us for more details and let us help you become even more successful.

Local Support

Tired of foreign call centers and long waits on technical support lines? The Discover D’Iberville app was launched by Loyalty Systems LLC, a locally based Mississippi company, to help strengthen local businesses and reward the customers that they serve; exclusively in the D’Iberville area. We will set up and customize your entire system; then provide implementation and support to the degree that you want us to be involved. Our support and flexibility allows you to focus on the most important things – your business and customers. We are only a call and visit away! Contact us today.